What Others Say

James, we arrived home just about on time last night....I am sure that everyone's a bit sluggish today from little sleep but wanted you to know that the trip just couldn't have been better! Corrado was the ideal guide, our driver was superb, the sightseeing was unbelievable, hotels/meals were wonderful, and the soccer was great! I'll let Jacob bring you up to date on the friendlies/games, but the boys came in 2nd place in the tourney.

Everyone was SO impressed with the attention to detail and the many opportunities for soccer and taking in the local culture/sights that you provided. We couldn't have asked for a better trip.

If you ever need 'testimonials' for potential clients, send them our way!!! We will catch up later, but wanted you to know how happy everyone was. Thank you, thank you for your efforts.

All the best

My friend James,
I am so sorry, I am getting your mail now. The boys had a wonderful time and your setup was the best I have had so far. I have traveled as you know with national teams and other groups, but this was the BEST I have had and would be glad to recommend to anyone you want me to. I hope you have gotten emails from my team by now.

You did a great job buddy.


Pete Kapsalis, Director of Coaching, FC Pride

  • “Your Organization made the trip fantastic!”
  • “The worst part of the trip was that it had to end!”

Other comments:

  • “The best part of the trip was experiencing a different culture and playing teams outside the US.”
  • “The opening ceremony at the tournament in San Sebastian was awesome!”
  • “The Hotel we stayed at was conveniently located. It was near grocery store, pizza place, the beach, and near an accessible bus stop to take us into town.”
  • “The best part of the tour was the Donosti Cup, as well as the great sightseeing”
  • “East-West has very well organized trips from start to finish”
  • “East-West exposed us to soccer in a completely different aspect in which we have never experienced before”
  • “The soccer experience for the kids was Phenomenal!”