Other Sports

We can arrange a high quality international tour for virtually ANY sport.

Because of the high level of global experience that East-West Global Travel has relative to soccer combined with its sterling reputation for quality and excellence, East-West is often asked to help organize tours for teams from sports other than soccer. We do from time to time work with coaches, clubs, schools and administrators from other sports.

In such cases, we interact with our international soccer contacts and they put us in touch with the most trusted sports and touring officials in their own countries. Overseas, it is often very common for the top officials from one sport to know and interact with those from other sports.

Further, many of the soccer clubs internationally are part of clubs that also deal with athletes from any number of other compatible sports. Thus, unlike “travel” companies or those entities that simply focus on arranging tours, East-West Global Travel is able to plan outstanding tours and itineraries for teams from a wide variety of sports. We are pleased that we are able to bring the same unparalleled dedication to excellence and total player development to athletes and teams from other sports in addition to soccer.

We offer these athletes the same qualities that our soccer players and teams enjoy: first rate travel arrangements, competition that is second to none, interaction with the players from the host countries, and the ability to work directly with foreign federations, governments, sports officials, and host clubs that are genuinely interested in providing top quality experiences for American players. Thus, our track record of success internationally relative to soccer opens a great many doors for players and teams from other sports.

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