Soccer Tour Outlines

Need some ideas? Have a look at a few sample itinerary outlines listed below. Please keep in mind that these outlines represent only a small fraction of the possibilities that exist for your group. They feature some of the tournaments and events that we are most comfortable with, and to which we have sent many groups in years past. We are capable of customizing any trip to meet your needs and wishes (not to mention budget), no matter what corner of the globe you desire!

Tour Dates in 2017 Description of Tour
Spring (March 1-9)

Easter (April 9 - 17)
June 28 - July 9
July 6 - 16
July 10 - 23
July 30 - August 9
  Available any travel dates:  Soccer tours with a mix of friendly games, training sessions with professional coaches, cultural exchanges and sightseeing to Australia, the Caribbean, China/Asia and virtually anywhere on for details